Diagnosing Neurological Disorder using AI

Within a few seconds
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We are doing Foundational AI research to build safe and reliable AI Models that helps us in diagnosing Neurological Disorders.


Assisting Radiologist and Doctors in diagnosing Neurological Disorders


Reduce the turnaround time.


Adding intelligence to the current diagnosis workflow.

1 in every 6 people in the world suffer from Neurological disorder.

That's a billion people.

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six people in one

We truly look forward to making the existing process a whole lot more productive and thus be the force to serve a larger number of patients than is currently possible. Our goal is to provide care to as many people as possible and contribute to their recovery.




Our safe and reliable AI models can perform diagnosis in less than 20 seconds

Expected to reduce Turnaround Time by 70%+.

Automatically Identifying the positions of discharge in the EEG Graph report.

Generate complete reports, graphs and findings for the doctor.




Helps you to keep track of your sleep.

Lets you know exactly how many seconds you spent in each sleep stage.

Warns you if you are spending more time in harmful stages of sleep.

Detects danger of neurological disorder early on and recommends seeing a doctor

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API available for Enterprise customer

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Diagnostic Labs



Pharma Companies

Medical Research Labs

Biotech & health tech startups

We are inviting Doctors and Radiologists to talk to us.

We understand that your time is crucial, thus we will be available for a call at any time.