Introducing SH 1

28th June 2023MD Fazal Mustafa & Akash Kundu

In today's digital age, the ability to distinguish between real and fake images has become increasingly challenging.

The Rise of SH1: A Sherlockian Approach to Combat Deepfakes

In today's digital age, the challenge of distinguishing between real and fake images has become increasingly complex. This dilemma has inspired the creation of SH1, an innovative AI-powered product designed to investigate and expose signs of image tampering.

Unveiling the Deepfake Dangers

Deepfake technology, fueled by advanced AI techniques like GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), enables the creation of remarkably realistic fake images. Such manipulated images pose serious threats, from spreading misinformation to harming individuals' reputations. SH1 focuses on addressing deepfake challenges associated with popular GANs such as StyleGAN, StyleGAN2, AttGAN, GDWCT, and StarGAN.

Effective Facial Deepfake Detection

SH1 boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 83%, specifically excelling in detecting deepfake facial images generated by the mentioned GAN models. This specialized focus enhances protection against identity misuse. However, it's crucial to note that SH1 is still in its early stages, with limitations in accurately classifying non-facial images or those generated by different GAN models. The SH1 development team is actively working to enhance capabilities and expand detection in future versions.

The Promise of SH1

SH1 emerges as a promising tool in the ongoing battle against AI-generated image manipulation. Drawing inspiration from Sherlock Holmes, SH1 empowers users to identify and expose deepfake images, particularly those targeting individuals' faces. As SH1 evolves, anticipations grow for more advanced versions that will deliver even better results, contributing to a safer and more trustworthy digital landscape for all.